• Thanks Carlo & Florence, it was a great tip – I’m going to be getting a peg for sure! Travelling safe here – in Saudi Arabia this week again – hope your own are going well.

  1. Hey Ellen!

    These are some clever tips. Will definitely take note for my own travels. I am now grateful for being able to pee standing up. =)

    Thanks for including!

    • Haha, yeah, I never wanted to be a guy but I always thought that was a handy thing to be able to do 🙂 Thanks for contributing Jay, much appreciated, travel well and hope Barcelona’s going well!

  2. Yay, wicked list. My fav is peg trick for sure….would also use it to push open some doors as well, seeing the lack of washing hands before leaving the bathroom makes me avoid the handle at all costs! Next time, I’ll listen to my own advice…didn’t use the bag on the way back from Indonesia…goodbye sunnies 🙁
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    • Thanks Jub, and yours was a great tip – as you saw above, I’ve lost things that way too so I feel your pain! And great point about using that peg in a few different ways 😉

  3. A headphone splitter for watching films if you’re travelling with someone else.

    A spork if you’re going places where you can stash yoghurt in the hotel room fridge, or fancy making pot noodles in the hotel room mug.

  4. Great tips, most of which you won’t see on the normal lists.. I learned a lot. Every day’s a school day when you’re on the road.

    • Yeah, some of these are pretty unusual indeed! I’ve already bought some SMECTA (it was very cheap!) and will be using it when I next have any sign of tummy trouble, so thanks for your tip!

    • Thanks Alyssa, and yes, really fascinating to get a peek into others’ lives as they travel! Your doubling up makes a lot of sense – I just need to get someone to travel with me now 😉

  5. I would have never thought of some of these however, they are genius. I am going to start implementing some of the ideas next time I travel – a clothes peg does not take up a lot of room. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Lot of interesting facts for travellers. Will really be useful for a world trip. quite a lot of information about different locations and their culture. Useful tips for female travelers too. Thanks for all your post

  7. Great list of great things to have in mind. Here’s a small on from me. Take a mesh bath sponge with you, guys you have all seen your gals with these, get your own. For a start they weigh nothing and cost nothing but more importantly you can shower using a thumbnail sized blog of shower gel. This will save you money, weight if you travel with your toiletries and space too as just 50ml will last almost a fortnight!